the hills ARE alive with the sound of music

First it is my daughterly duty to say “Happy Father’s Day!” to my dad. I love you and miss you!

Well, my internet is inaccessible until next week sometime ( I am writing this on mine and hoping that someone will let me post it on theirs…). I guess we are switching contracts right now. I can’t decide if it is a blessing to have no internet the weekend before all of my papers and finals are due. On the one hand, I am not distracted by facebook and other online time-killers. On the other hand, I have to look up words for my papers in a “Pocket Dictionary” meaning that my word choice is subpar. Also, I have to write down the things I want to look up for supplementary material for my essays and look them up somewhere else. Also, IES is closed for Pentacoast break so I can’t go there to look anything up or write my papers there… Still, the no distraction thing is probably really good for my concentration level. For those of you keeping track, Wednesday, June 22nd is the final day of IES courses for me!! Meaning until then I will be working non-stop and on the 23rd I will have free-time galore.

Anyway, you probably just want pictures of my trip to Austria last week and I haven’t posted pictures in a while so I will do my best to put a lot in this one, haha. Having a break at Naomi’s grandma’s house was the best thing ever. I mean, free room and board, and the meals that oma (grandma) made were excellent. She doesn’t buy anything that is premade. Even the bread and juice were homemade. And a lot of the food came from her garden. Yes, please.

For some geographical placement… We were in the Rhein Valley between Switzerland and Austria, technically in Austria but very close to the border in the province of Vorarlberg and the city of Altach. The German here is almost complete unintelligible to those of use who speak “high German” and Kevin and I were constantly nodding and smiling without a clue as to what was going on until they switched back to “hoch Deutsch” There is no real comparison to make in the English language.. I guess you could try to compare it to speaking to a Scottish person with a really thick accent who uses completely different words than you to speak… technically still English but not really. Hmm..

Alright, a photo journey through the trip:

Along the train tracks to Austria...
From Oma's window
Oma Schuester's house!
Part of our hike was frolicking through this grassy hill.. Sound of Music dream fulfilled.
We played with this tailless cat as much as we could.
The view from Naomi's aunt's backyard.

Yes, this is a taxidermy-wolf. We went to a nature museum!
Ice Cream on the Boden See!! (Lake Constance)
Taking pictures while riding a bike can be difficult...
Oma Schuester!

Just your average train ride home.

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