My Internet Works!!!

My first day in Germany was filled with customs, train rides and a few very wonderful souls who noticed how pathetic I looked and helped me carry my baggage up the stairs (which were frequent as we switched trains). Arriving at my apartment with no one in sight, after an embarrassing butchering of the German language, I was a bit lonely. Fear not, readers, I went to the IES center for a welcome dinner, fought sleep deprivation and made friends! And when I came back to my apartment everyone was home – they had been at the library all day because it is the end of the semester for them. They were very friendly and helpful and were watching Fussball, ahem, soccer.

(side note: Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again” is blasting from one of my housemate’s rooms – now “G6” haha).

Three of my housemates are Germans, one is French, and one is from Turkey. I felt as though my apartment was really beginning to be my home when I claimed a shelf in the fridge (though as of right now the only food that I have is orange juice) and when my chores for the week were put on my door. What do I have to do this week? Dishes, oven and stove top cleaning, of course! I should probably find the cleaning supplies…

-- Now I’ve been here for about 5 days but it feels like much longer! I am familiar with the city, at least the parts that I frequent. My housemates are really nice and speak German with me (but were kind enough to explain the internet to me in English).

My language intensive course started today (my classes will start in another 2-3 weeks). We are learning German (obviously) but we get to do a lot of fun things while we are doing so, for example, tomorrow we have a “City Rally” where you have to go around and find different parts of the city and ask people there questions (auf Deutsch!). Getting used to using the language everywhere without simply sitting in a classroom and memorizing vocab and grammar charts is always a good idea, in my opinion.

Today I waiting in line trying to get tickets to the Freiburg-Munich soccer game here, but they sold out way too quickly. Oh well, I will try to get tickets to a different game.

One weird thing about Germany: You don’t think about the fact that all the awards shows and major sporting events in America are on TV at American-friendly times. I was invited to an Academy Awards watching party that began at 2am this morning because 7 hours earlier it would be 7pm in CST.

So, summary:

I’m safe and healthy in Germany.
I can understand most everything that people are saying!
I’m still a bit nervous when I have to speak in German (grammar rules, ahh!) but it is already getting better.
I think I’m really going to like it here.
Yes, I ate schnitzel my first meal in Germany.

What you're really waiting for:

The living room to my apartment is right outside of my door!

A picture from my walk around the neighborhood. Isn't Freiburg cute?

This is my apartment complex. Haendelstrasse 20. If you go all the way down my apt is up one floor on the left. On the right past the parking lot is a soccer field! I can watch people play from my window (that sounds creepier than it is... )

Not sure why there is a sink in my room... but it is useful!
The other half of my room.

Miss you, love you.

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  1. So fun!! I am excited for you. :) Glad you made it there safely!